Typical Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

Typical warning signs of hearing loss include:

  • Difficulty hearing from a distance
  • Problems hearing speech in the presence of background noise
  • Others find the affected person speaks too loudly
  • Other people appear to mumble
  • Family or neighbour complains that radio or TV is played too loudly
  • Difficulty understanding soft speech or female and children’s voices
  • Often having to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Inability to hear common sounds in the household, such as alarm clock, water-tap dripping, etc.

Most people wait for 5 to 7 years after first experiencing hearing loss symptoms before seeking help. If you or someone close to you might have hearing loss, talk to your physician about the best action to take. A hearing care professional can help identify hearing loss and suggest the best solution. New types of hearing aids are available that are effective, affordable, comfortable and discrete.