Annual Hearing

The Benefits of an Annual Hearing Check

Happy Better Hearing Month!

You won’t find any “Hope You’re Hearing Better” greeting cards at your local card shop, but if you visit a clinic like Legacy Hearing Centre, you’ll find something a lot more important. Every year, during the month of May, those of us in the hearing health profession go all out to raise awareness of what it means to care for your hearing.

The ability to hear is easily taken for granted, and a lot of people don’t understand the daily dangers contemporary life presents when it comes to our hearing. We live in a loud world, and many of us tend to make it louder in the way we use personal electronics and neglect to protect our ears while using loud equipment, to name just two sources of hearing damage.

Among the most important things we tell people about during Better Hearing Month are the benefits of an annual hearing check. While people are very focused on checking their blood pressure, cholesterol and even their eyes every year, most don’t tend to give much thought to their hearing.

Here are some reasons why that lack of focus on healthy hearing should stop:

  • Hearing loss tends to sneak up on you. Most hearing loss comes on gradually, over the course of years. Because it happens so slowly, people get used to compensating for their hearing loss until it reaches a critical point. Annual hearing checks compare the state of your hearing year-over-year, so you can get ahead of any issues before they become big problems
  • Hearing loss can signal other health issues. Cardiovascular problems, diabetes and the effects of smoking are just a few of the seemingly unrelated health issues that have been found to have a connection to hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss can affect your earning potential. Left untreated, hearing loss is associated with an average annual income loss of $30,000 compared to normal hearing.
  • Healthy hearing can help keep you healthy, in general. People with hearing loss tend to get sick more often than those with good hearing.
  • Healthy hearing is healthy for your relationships. As hearing loss worsens, a person can find that communicating with family and friends becomes difficult; that’s frustrating for the person with hearing loss AND for those around them. Frustration on both sides can lead to deteriorating relationships.
  • Hearing health is important to emotional health. Hearing loss has been linked to an increased risk of depression, due to the likelihood of people withdrawing from the company of others out of frustration and/or embarrassment over their hearing loss.
  • Healthy hearing is good for your brain. Researchers have linked hearing loss to an increased risk of dementia. Among the reasons being explored for that connection is the stress on the brain when trying to decipher sound information that is muted by hearing loss.

We could go on, but that should be enough to give you a general idea of why getting an annual hearing check is a good idea. They’re painless, quick and can save you from a lot of hearing hardship down the line.

Another reason why people tend to avoid getting their hearing checked is the possibility of finding out they might need a hearing aid. That’s a bad reason—especially today, when hearing aid technology has become so advanced and miniaturized. Come on in and let us show you how unobtrusive a hearing aid can be.

And while you're with us… How about that hearing check?