Couple Bluetooth Hearing

Learn the Benefits of a Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Does it get annoying having to take off your hearing aids anytime you want to put on your earbuds and enjoy some music? Of course it does. Well, here’s some great news. The age of wireless convenience has recognized an important fact: with hearing aids, you already have earbuds in position! There’s a whole new generation of Bluetooth-capable hearing aids out there that enable you to connect to the world around you quickly, conveniently, and with incredible sound quality.


Get instant access to your playlists.

Whether your music is on your smartphone or a Bluetooth-enabled media player, all you need to do is pair your hearing aids with your device and immediately send top-quality sound streaming directly into your ears. No more carrying a set of earphones with you and having to put your hearing aids in their case when you want to relax with a little music.


Talk to whomever you want, whenever you want.

Just as your hearing aids help you communicate with the people standing in front of you, Bluetooth-capable hearing aids connect directly to your smartphone, for instant conversation with people anywhere your phone plan reaches. Make and take calls directly from your hearing aid! And if you leave your phone under a magazine across the room, that incoming call will still find you.


Enjoy your own, personal volume control.

Even if you wear hearing aids, odds are you have family or friends who have complained about the volume of your television (especially if you like to take an occasional break from wearing your hearing aids while you’re at home). If your TV or TV soundbar is Bluetooth-capable, pairing your Bluetooth hearing aids is a solution everyone can live with. Set the volume at a comfortable level for the room and stream all the volume you need to your hearing aids.


Connect to multiple devices.

The Bluetooth tech built into hearing aids allows for multiple simultaneous connections; that means if you’re enjoying a TV show when a phone call comes in, your hearing aid will switch automatically over to streaming sound from the phone.


Change settings quickly and easily.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids give you an amazing amount of control over your hearing aid experience. Settings can be controlled from a smartphone app, which means no fiddling with your hearing aids in public and calling attention to them when you need to make an adjustment on the fly.


Focus better on the sounds you need to hear.

In addition to communicating with TVs, smartphones, and other electronics, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids communicate with each other. Streaming sound between two hearing aids allows you to better determine the direction and distance from which a sound is coming. It also supports better distribution of sound between your ears when one is facing away from a sound you need to focus on.


Hearing aids represent an exceptionally personal level of personal electronics; as such, they should offer you the maximum amount of personal convenience available. The development of hearing aids that feature Bluetooth is one more step in the hearing industry’s effort to make life easier for hearing aid users. If you’re interested in trying out a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to set up a demonstration for you.