Hearing clearly

Hearing Clearly in the New Year

The new year has arrived with a lot to show us and a lot to tell us. Our job at Legacy Hearing Centre is to make sure you hear the new year loud and clear. But we can’t do that if we don’t know the state of your hearing. If it’s been a long time since your last hearing test, and especially if you’ve never had it tested at all, please make an appointment with us. With a simple conversation and a few easy, painless tests, we can determine if hearing loss is an issue for you.


Since hearing loss tends to come on very slowly, testing provides a baseline to measure against over time. So even if we determine that hearing loss isn’t affecting you at the moment, the results of your test will allow us to more easily evaluate your hearing next time. If we do determine that you have hearing loss, we’ll discuss next steps. And if your hearing loss is at a level where hearing aids are recommended, we can show you an incredible range of new technology that makes dealing with hearing loss easier than ever:


Automatic adjustments adapt to changing environments
Life sounds different, everywhere you go. In a perfect world, your hearing aids would change their settings automatically, depending on the level of background noise in a given situation. Fortunately, there’s a new level of perfection out there. We can show you hearing aids that actually analyze the sound when you go from one environment to another, changes your settings for optimal performance in that new environment.


Bluetooth enters the world of hearing care
“Bluetooth”—it’s an unusual word that has become a very usual part of our lives, these days. We use Bluetooth technology to stream sound between devices all the time. Now, the same tech that lets you use wireless speakers and headphones has been applied to the enhancement of human hearing. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can communicate with other devices to bring a personalized sound experience direct to your ears.


For instance, Bluetooth can connect a hearing aid to your smartphone, allowing to take, make and decline phone calls without even touching your phone. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can also pair with smart TVs and other audio-delivering devices for personalized volume control—no more blasting the TV too loud for your family and friends.


Another fantastic development is in the area of sound gathering. Bluetooth can also link hearing aids to devices that pick up sound in one place and then stream it directly to you. One especially handy device sits inconspicuously at the center of a table and uses multi-directional microphones to make sure you can always hear the speaker you need to hear during a busy dinner or business meeting.


Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate hassles
Worrying about standard, alkaline batteries dying in the middle of a must-hear conversation, meeting or event has been a long-time headache for hearing aid users. That headache is going away, fast. Many of the latest hearing aids come with built-in, rechargeable batteries that can provide a full day of hearing on a single charge. That means no more carrying spare batteries and no more excusing yourself to go change them out when they die at an inconvenient time.

If all of that sounds interesting to you, you should know that we’ve only mentioned a few of the amazing new hearing aid capabilities we can show you. What’s more, you can try them out for yourself when you visit us. It all starts with having your hearing tested. Please, call us for an appointment today.