Hearing Aid Technology

Check Out Some of the Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

You’ve probably seen old photographs or movies featuring people using “ear trumpets” in order to hear. Looking a bit more like saxophones than trumpets, those long, curved, conical tubes collected sound at the larger end, funneling it through to a concentrated point at the other end, where the sound entered the ear.

We mention ear trumpets because they were, at one time, the best in hearing aid technology. If only the ear trumpet users of yesterday could experience the devices available today! Just as computer technology continues to amaze the world, those of us in the hearing health profession are constantly in awe of the ongoing progress in hearing technology.

Once upon a time, the best we could hope for with electronic hearing aids was to capture and amplify sound. Today, we have amazing tech that not only amplifies sound but processes it to create an incredible hearing experience.

For instance, we can show you hearing aids that automatically adjust to your hearing environment. They can sense background noise, or the absence of it, and self-adjust to give you a seamless experience while moving from quiet to loud environments. Having your settings adjust automatically greatly reduces the amount of stressful hearing in your life—the kind that requires having to strain in order to understand what’s going on or being said around you.

Hearing aids are also taking advantage of the great strides being made in wireless tech. You can now have a hearing aid that makes use of Bluetooth technology that greatly enhances quality of life for people with hearing loss. With a Bluetooth-capable hearing aid, you can pair the hearing aid with a smartphone, which allows you to take and deny calls directly through your hearing aid. No more scrambling to find your phone when it rings; the ringtone will feed directly from your phone to your hearing aid.

In addition to the smartphone benefit, wireless hearing aids can help remove some strain from life around the house. People with hearing loss are often told their televisions or music are far too loud for anyone else to enjoy comfortably.
By pairing a wireless hearing aid with a Bluetooth-capable TV or music player, the hearing aid wearer can set the level of volume he or she needs, while leaving the room volume at a pleasant level for others.

And here’s another big development—technology that eliminates the need for batteries. One thing all hearing aid users know is that a hearing aid does you no good if the batteries die in the middle of an important conversation, or a less-than-important conversation for that matter. Rechargeable hearing aids are now on the scene, providing up to a full day of crystal-clear hearing on a single charge. 

No more carrying around spare alkaline batteries. No more having to fumble with trying to change batteries in an inconvenient situation. And if you do find yourself in a position where your charge is getting low, easy-to-carry portable chargers are available to get you back in the conversation quickly.

Those are just a few of the incredible developments in contemporary hearing technology. There’s a lot around to experience and we’d love an opportunity to show it to you and let you hear it for yourself. Please, contact us about stopping by to try out some of this great new tech.